The Advantages of Blinds and Interior Shutters

Blinds and interior shutters are two different types of window coverings. They have their similarities but in others ways are very different. Blinds are the cheaper option but shutters are generally considered more elegant and aesthetically pleasing. Each have their own advantages as well as some benefits that are common to both blinds and shutters.

The Advantages of Blinds

As already mentioned, blinds are cheaper than shutters. Depending on the type required, blinds can be an option for those looking for a low cost window covering. Due to the cost, replacing them is inexpensive. They are also simple to install; anyone with basic DIY skills can buy some blinds and put them up themselves. Maintaining blinds is easy.

Due to the advantages they have they are often used in offices. This is partly due to the low cost and the easy maintenance. They fit in a professional office atmosphere better than curtains do. One of the reasons is the adjustability they offer as they can be adjusted to block sunlight without staff having to sit in a dark room during the day.

There are many options with blinds. You can almost always find some that suit the interior of any building, with them coming in many colours and many materials. They are available in wood, plastic and other fabrics.

The Advantages of Interior Shutters

For many, the look of interior shutters is what makes them special. They are considered elegant and are customisable. Most window shutter providers will design and manufacture shutters specifically to a customer’s requirements, so you have a real choice in how your shutters look. This gives more options than with the off-the-shelf options that are more common with blinds and curtains.

So there are aesthetic advantages of shutters, but also many practical benefits. They can help home owners save on energy. They are very study due to being made with good quality, thick wood, which when closed keeps the heat in. They are also extremely long lasting, more so than any other window covering. They often come with a lifetime guarantee so there is no need to worry about needing to have them replaced at a later date.

Both blinds and shutters have individual benefits, but there are also advantages that apply to both. Both are adjustable, allowing for the optimum amount of light and air to be let into the room. By having blinds or shutters closed with the slats/louvres open it allows for privacy while not completely blocking out sunlight. With curtains you would have to choose between one or the other. In the summer this adjustability means that a room can be kept cool, with the window being open with the blinds/shutters closed but the slats/louvres open. A final advantage is that both are very easy to clean. When curtains need cleaning they need to be taken down and machine or hand washed, then left to dry before they can be hung up again. When cleaning blinds or shutters they simply need to be wiped down with a damp cloth.

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