3 Skills Lifeguarding That Will Help You For Your Entire Life

Lifeguarding is a unique job. Some choose to work in lifeguarding as their career while others find lifeguarding to be a rewarding seasonal job. More often than not, lifeguarding jobs are available seasonally, making a larger portion of individuals seasonal lifeguards. And just because you are a seasonal employee, does not mean that you won’t gain valuable skills that will help you in your future career. Here are three skills that you will develop as a lifeguard that are very important to potential future employers.

Leadership: Employers around the world are always on the lookout for the next generation of great leaders. Leadership is a skill you will want to develop as a lifeguard because your success is dependent upon it. If you are just beginning as a lifeguard or are a seasoned lifeguard, be sure to take proactive action, volunteer beyond the typical job, and be prepared to challenge the status quo. If you learn to do these actions, you will find it easy to transfer your leadership skills among many different types of jobs.

Communication: A key part of being a lifeguard is being able to communicate. You may need to notify other lifeguards of changing weather conditions, inform guests of safety rules, or call local emergency services for help during an emergency situation. Each scenario requires you to be a very clear and effective communicator as you are constantly dealing with the risk of injury or even death. There are very few jobs that do not require you to be an effective communicator. It is vital to recruiters that you have good communication skills.

Teamwork: Typically, your job as a lifeguard will have you working as a member of the lifeguard team. You can check out this post for ideas on how you can become a better teammate. Those ideas can easily be transferred over to most other jobs as well. Recruiters everywhere are trying to put people into positions to form the best team possible. Show future employers that you are an excellent candidate by learning to be a great teammate during your job as a lifeguard.

While you may not be a lifeguard forever, the skills that you develop can be carried with you for the rest of your life.

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