How Much do Platform Lifts Cost?

Platform lifts improve indoor and outdoor accessibility for wheelchair users. They are used in situations where a ramp is not feasible, for instance, in a home. Also, a person on a wheelchair cannot use a stairlift. Wheelchair lifts comes in various models and load capacities. As with any other accessibility device, price is always a matter of concern. This is more so in the current challenging economic scenario, and the first question that most prospective buyers ask is ‘how much do platform lifts cost?’.

Factors determining the Cost of Platform Lifts

You can avail piattaforme elevatrici at competitive price tags presently. But their cost is influenced by several factors. This would include:

Loading capacity – Wheelchair lifts usually come with varied loading capacity. Price would vary according to capacity of the lifts. Certain wheelchair lifts can accommodate all types of wheelchairs, while others cannot.

Travel distance – The longer the travel distance, the higher the price.

Model – Wheelchair lifts can be vertical, inclined and portable. Since the features of each type vary, their rates would also be different.

Operational Features – Every model differs in terms of operational and safety features. This would greatly affect the rates of the equipment. Models with advanced features would cost much more than ones with standard features. For instance, you can have automatically closing or manual opening doors and cost would be higher for automatic.

Hoistway – Prices are higher for devices that need a hoistway. When a vertical platform lift is installed in a hoistway, it would need doors with interlocks. Further, if a pit is necessary for installation, the cost would go up. Any unit that travels over 6 feet must have the tower fixed to a stationary wall or be installed in a hoistway.

New and pre-owned – Prices of lifts you purchase depends whether you purchase new or pre-owned. You would have to pay a bit higher for the brand new ones than the pre-owned ones. Since pre-owned ones are used lifts, they are available at economical rates.

Customization: Since each situation is unique, each lift may have to be customized and this would mean paying a higher price.

Installation – If the equipment can be installed without much modification on your building, cost would be lower.

Brands – There many brands of wheelchair lifts available. The rates of these devices may vary from brand to brand, though not too extensively.

Get Professional Assistance

To choose the right model from the various kinds of platform lifts available as well as information on what it would cost you to install one, contact an established dealer of accessibility equipment.

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