How To Choose Dog Names For Your Puppy

How To Choose Dog Names For Your Puppy

If you just add a new puppy or dog to your family, one of the first orders of the day is to name your puppy. The name of your dog is an important part of how it will be perceived by others and how they react to it, so the name chosen is important. Think about it like this …

You are in the dog park and in the area without a collar you hear an owner call your dog: Bruiser, Dagger or Lucifer, come here. Now ask yourself, would you think twice before going to the area with your little snowball?

So how do you choose a good name for your dog? 5 steps to choosing the names of the dogs:

Dog Type: What kind of dog do you have? Look for breed characteristics to help narrow down your options. If you have a strong, courageous and fearless race, you can lean on a name that fits these traits like Hercules and vice versa.

Physical characteristics: Use the physical characteristics of your dog to help you decide a name. Does your new dog have a different brand? For example, a white dog with black hair around the eyes can be called Fox!

Personality: Watch and play with your new puppy for a few days to see how your personality really is. A super playful puppy could be called Zippy, while the puppy that just wants to sleep all day could be called Slumber.

How To Choose Dog Names For Your Puppy

Sex of dog: you can further reduce your options depending on whether your dog is male or female. Or you can choose a unisex name for your pet.

Names that sound by command: move away from names that rhyme with commands. A dog named Shay could confuse his name with the Stay command.

You can click here in you are confused and just don’t can’t come up with anything.

Some More Tips for Naming Your Dog:

Make a family decision: If you have children in your family, ask everyone to suggest names for the new dog or puppy. After everyone contributes, vote on the names as a family to limit the final name. Your dog’s name should be the one the whole family likes.

Get Inspired on Your Favorite Things: There are many different sources you can use to get inspiration for names. Try your favorite comic book heroes, celebrity names, city names or choose the name or brands of your favorite designer clothes, such as Gucci. The possibilities are endless.

Just remember the name of the dog you chose for the new family member, you will use it frequently every day, so make sure you like the name and that your dog will respond with ease.

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