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Are you looking to invest in Dallas Real Estate?

Many experts are predicting Dallas real estate (single-family houses specifically) will be among the best real estate investments in the nation. Currently, Dallas property prices are well below the national average for major metropolitan areas. At the same time, the DFW Metropolitan area has become the fastest growing large metropoltion area in the country. On average 365 500 people are moving here every day. In addition, because of the very favorable business climate, the economy is robust and growing at an incredible pace. Ren

Do you want the highest return on your investment?

Cash flow is maximized by building a property that meets all of the stated requirements to provide the highest rents available. Tenant demand is maximized by providing a superior quality property with many amenities and great curb appeal. New-construction houses are built and delivered complete with refrigerator, washer, dryer, and even window blinds so they are ready to lease immediately.

Do you want a turn-key investment?

We are offering investors the opportunity to buy houses specifically designed for the largest tenant group at a price below the area’s appraised value. Then, we will get you set up with a professional Property Management Company that is specifically focused on managing your property and finding good tenants quickly. Positive cash flow is our goal for every property.

These houses are designed for “hands-off” investing. Everything is done by professional, licensed property managers. the majority of our investors do not live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and do not participate in any way in the work involved with “landlording”. They simply enjoy a passive income stream, plus eventual appreciation.

How do you get started?

Use the links on the left-side panel of this page to see all the important information provided. If you are interested in discussing buying one or more of these great income-producing properties, just click the link below for Contact Info. These houses are built as they are sold. Typically, construction takes about 90 days. Lots are limited. Our previous developments have sold out quickly, so please contact us now!

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