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paid surveys

Filling out online surveys is the easy part of making money by providing your opinion to online panel companies. The hard part for many Australians, though, is finding legitimate online surveys which will pay you for providing your time and opinion rather than attempting to steal your identifying information.

With some awareness of the world of paid surveys online you can quickly become educated about what you need to know to efficiently parse through online survey offers to find the legitimate ones which will pay you instead of wasting your time. Start by looking for online survey companies that meet the criteria discussed below before you sign up.

Legitimate Online Survey Companies Have Offline Contact Information

Although paid online surveys are done entirely online from your computer, legitimate online panel companies, like other businesses, all have readily available contact information. Look for addresses and phone numbers on the website of the online survey company that you are thinking about signing up with. This is a sign of it being traceable, which indicates that it is a real company rather than a front for a scam artist.

Taking the extra step to call the number provided is an easy way to give yourself extra protection from identity theft. If a real person answers, go ahead and ask any other questions you may have about the online survey company. An actual employee or owner should be able to easily and confidently respond to any of your inquiries.

paid surveys

Look For Easy To Understand Steps To Sign Up And Take Surveys

The goal of a legitimate online survey business is to make it as easy as possible for online survey takers to do just that: sign up and take online surveys. As a result, the website for an online survey company will not only provide you with a sign up screen or link but also with easy to understand steps that you need to take in order to be approved to be paid to take surveys online.

Scam artists, on the other hand, will want to confuse you as much as possible while providing you with as little information as possible. This means that they are unlikely to give clear cut steps for would be online survey takers or even direct links to pages providing that type of information. Instead, Australians looking at these websites can expect to see a circular set of web pages which provide a confusing and circular pattern of links that seem to go nowhere and provide little information. If this is what you are looking at then you need to click out of the browser and start searching for another online survey panel, since this is a very bad sign.

Know What Your Incentives Are Before You Say Yes

Would you agree to take a new job without knowing how much it paid? Of course not. Your time is worth a great deal to you, so you should know how much you are going to be compensated for spending it on filling out an online survey. Everyone has a different measurement of whether or not taking an online survey is worth his or her time.

Since every online survey takes a different amount of time, contains a different number of questions and may be on a different topic, you can expect each online survey to pay a different amount of cash or provide you with a different incentive, such as free merchandise or services. Whether that payment is sufficient for you to fill out the online survey or participate in the focus group will depend on whether you could be paid more for doing something else with your time, what else you could be doing if you are not being pad for your time and how enjoyable you believe you will find filling out that particular online survey.

The bottom line is that for you to make that decision you will need to know what the rewards are. Of course, if an online survey company is promising “big rewards” or using other positive but vague terminology to describe the payment offered, then you should be suspicious. Again, do you really want to agree to give away your time and knowledge without knowing how much you will be compensated for it, if at all?

Check Out Your Survey Options

Not every online survey company has the same list of clients. As a result, some online survey companies may have lots of opportunities for stay at home moms but not may for younger women without children. If you doubt that you will be able to make much money from a website because you do not fit into their key demographic then do not bother worrying about. Just move on to the next.

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